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VRB Consumer Products Pvt Ltd

VRB Consumer Products Pvt Ltd

We are the distributors for the company VRB Consumer products Pvt. Ltd.  Veeba products such as Frappe mix coffee, BBQ sauce, Blue curacao flavored Syrup, Veeba brownie, Caramel Topping, Veeba Cheese and Jalapeno Dip, Veeba Cheesy spread and dip, Chilli cheese blend, Chilli cheese flakes seasoning, Chilli guava flavored syrup, Chipotle style dip, Chocolate fudge, Choco lava mix, classic mayonnaise culinaire eggless mayonnaise, Culinaire tomato blend eggless mayo tasty pixel, Eggless mayonnaise chef’s choice, Eggless mayonnaise premium, Eggless mayonnaise professional frappe mix, Frappe mix chocolate flavor, Frappe mix vanilla flavor, Garlic chilli spread, Garlic mayonnaise chef’s choice, Green apple flavored syrup, Honey mustard dressing, Ice tea syrup, Kadai gravy, Makhani gravy, Mint mayonnaise, Mint mojito, Mint mojito flavored syrup, Oregano seasoning, Oregano spice, Pasta and pista choice, Peanut butter creamy, Peanut butter crunchy, Peri peri sauce, prime tomato ketchup sachet, Professional chocolate topping, Professional tomato ketchup, Salsa, Schezwan  dip& stir fry sauce, Schezwan sauce, Snack dressing chef’s choice, Spicy mango syrup, Sriracha chilli garlic sauce, strawberry fruit syrup, Sweet chilli sauce, Tandoori mayo, Tandoori spread, Tangy mustard sauce, Thai style sweet chilli sauce, Thousand island dressing tomato blend, Tomato ketchup chef’s choice, Tomato ketchup sachets, Tomato puree, Water melon flavored syrup, White cheese dressing are the products were manufactured by Veeba and we are best distributors for the company VRB. 

Nutan Industries

Nutan Industries, located in Adyar, Chennai, is a renowned supplier of an extensive range of food products. With a wide variety of offerings, they cater to the diverse taste preferences of their customers. If you’re in the mood for a quick and delicious snack, Nutan Industries has delightful bakery items that will satisfy your cravings. From bread to pastries and everything in between, their bakery section has it all. With an extensive range of products, Nutan Industries ensures that customers can access high-quality food items that are both delicious and of exceptional quality. Experience the goodness of their products and indulge your taste buds in a delightful culinary journey.

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