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Mondelez India Pvt ltd

Mondelez India Pvt ltd

Nutan Industries are the distributors for the company, Mondelez India Food Pvt. Ltd. The food products from Mondelez including, Bournville, Bournvita, Bournvita bisc banana oats, Bournvita biscuits, Bournvita for women, Bournvita fsm, Bournvita GP, Bournvita jars, Bournvita lilchamps, Bournvita shakti, Cadbury celebration, Cadbury dairy milk easter, Cadbury dark milk plain, Cadbury dark milk salted caramel, Cadbury fuse, Cdm big b, Cdm butterscotch, Cdm crackle, Cdm crispello, Cdm fruit & nut, Cdm home treats, Cdm lickables, Cdm lickables minions, Cdm lickables pops, Cdm lickables tyrion, Cdm lickables tyrion kungfu, Cdm mango, Cdm silk, Cdm jelly popping candy, Cdm roast almond, Cdm Shots, Cdm spread jars, Cdm strawberry, Choclairs gold pouch, Chocobakes Choc filled cookies, Cocoa powder,  Five star, Halls, Gems, Hot chocolates, Nutties carton, Cadbury silk, Tang orange sipper prom, Tang lemon, Tang mango, Tangmosambi, Temptation almond treat, Temptation rum raisin. These the products from Mondelez and we are the distributors for the company.

Nutan Industries

Nutan Industries, located in Adyar, Chennai, is a renowned supplier of an extensive range of food products. With a wide variety of offerings, they cater to the diverse taste preferences of their customers. If you’re in the mood for a quick and delicious snack, Nutan Industries has delightful bakery items that will satisfy your cravings. From bread to pastries and everything in between, their bakery section has it all. With an extensive range of products, Nutan Industries ensures that customers can access high-quality food items that are both delicious and of exceptional quality. Experience the goodness of their products and indulge your taste buds in a delightful culinary journey.

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